Privacy Policy: July 11th, 2017

Types of Information Collected

We collect various types of information in order to improve services for our users.

This includes information you provide to us as well as information we receive when you use our service which may include;

How collected information is used

The information collected is used to maintain and improve the service. For example, allowing you to save settings, or modifying aspects of the service based on anonymous usage statistics.

We will ask you for your permission before your information is used for any purpose not covered in the Privacy Policy.

Information that may be shared:

Your personal information including information about your contacts, will not be shared with 3rd parties, individuals or organizations outside of Mailboost unless we have your consent, or if the following apply;


Our Privacy Policy applies to all of the services offered by Mailboost.

Our Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals, or any sites that may be linked to from our website, or from companies that link to, or otherwise advertise our service.

We do not transmit or store any part of your email other than the hyperlinks, subject, and recipients.

Privacy Policy Changes

Our Privacy Policy may change periodically. Any changes will be posted on this page.